Corporate Training

Ryan is dedicated to helping organizations embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance in the new economy. His collaborative approach to learning provides participants with practical knowledge and a go-forward action plan to ensure results.

Leadership Training

Managing Breakthrough Performance in the New Economy

Learning Objectives

  • Learn key factors to driving employee engagement.
  • Understand how to shape a culture of accountability and performance.
  • Model a collaborative leadership style.
  • Discover how new technology has transformed communication and connectedness.
  • Insight on managing performance and developing talent.
  • Gain insights into the next generation of workers.

Sales Training

Sales Shift: Selling Value in the New Economy

Learning Objectives

  • Define sales competencies of top producers.
  • Explore common sales barriers.
  • Understand the new customer decision journey.
  • Learn how to construct a value position that resonates with buyers.
  • Learn the law of incremental commitment.
  • Explore the new techniques and technology of social selling.
  • Map out pre-call planning objectives.
  • Find out how to leverage referrals and customer evangelism.
  • Create a game plan for growth.

Sales Leadership Training

Leading Breakthrough Sales Performance

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the evolution of buying behavior and what’s now expected of sellers.
  • Learn how to create a culture of performance and accountability.
  • Discover progressive pre-call planning and post-call analysis techniques for the sales leader.
  • Study performance management best practices.
  • Learn how to recruit and manage for breakthrough performance.

Resilient Leadership Workshop

Critical Skills for Improving Performance & Engagement

Topics will include

  • Developing your own personal leadership vision.
  • Elevating your own self-awareness to lead “from the inside out.”
  • Embracing the “beginner’s mindset” to commit to continuous reinvention.
  • Adopting new habits to support mindfulness.
  • Navigating change during periods of uncertainty and disruption.
  • Understanding the drivers of employee engagement.
  • Creating positive routines and rituals.
  • Understanding the keys to effective performance management.

Virtual Wellness Series

Invest in the People Who Power Your Business

Learning Objectives

  • Renewed energy to tackle the demands of their work.
  • Increased resilience in the face of rapid change.
  • Improved focus even amid chaos and adversity.
  • Strengthened commitment to the importance of self-care.
  • Expanded perspective on embracing change, recovering from setbacks and finding the opportunities inside challenges.
  • A customized action plan and system of accountability.
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