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When you spot success, it typically has very little to do with luck. Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Those that capitalize on the opportunity always have a story about hard effort, sacrifice and discipline. There are no shortcuts.

Top performers in any endeavor are fanatical about preparation because they understand that it’s what differentiates them from the competition.

Peak performance requires a clear course of focused, determined action. Action mitigates fear, moves people beyond their comfort zone and is a catalyst to create the momentum necessary to deliver real, lasting change.

That’s why I’ve created a weekly email newsletter to help you prepare to achieve your own personal and professional goals for the coming week. Every Sunday afternoon, we’ll send you a brief email that delivers:

  • Articles to expand your perspective on the future of business.
  • Stories that inspire you to develop deeper relationships in your personal and professional life.
  • Tips to help you maximize productivity – without burning out.

Let’s do this!

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