creating my next breakthrough
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Creating My Next Breakthrough

“You won’t have access to a phone or computer for the entire week.”

I paused. I was exploring the idea of attending a personal growth retreat, but the thought of giving up access to any technology for an entire week pushed me right out of my comfort zone. A little digital detox seems healthy. Giving up access to my iPhone for eight days? That isn’t a move I had ever even considered.

In that moment, I made the commitment. I know that my biggest breakthroughs in business and life happen when I step outside my comfort zone. In fact, that’s exactly why I push myself to stay in the “learning lane.”

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the prescription for personal and professional growth. It’s a philosophy I try to embrace consistently. It’s helped expand my perspective and empowered me to embrace new experiences like taking a professional sabbatical or walking across fire with Tony Robbins. I know those experiences have helped me become a better teacher. I also believe they have the potential to be a catalyst for living a more meaningful life.

Stay in the learning lane. It’s where the big breakthrough moments happen!

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